Nobody Else

by Supermelt

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dianonhead Sometimes a band just falls into your lap at the most unexpected time: This is Supermelt. While working the door they opened up for another bands EP release and I haven't been this impressed or taken by a band in awhile. Their set was comprised of mostly unreleased material and when I say the best has yet to come I truly mean it. Their output thus far is impressive but it's only the calm before the storm. Catch them live if you can because it's an experience from start to finish. Nashville has one of the most underrated scenes in the US and Supermelt will carry on in that tradition. They are unique and defy traditional branding. They change gears as well as any veteran, talented band I've seen. Much like their post punk/alternative predecessors of the 90s and even dating back to Sabatoge era Sabbath the flow seamlessly creating a fantastical dream of music. The best band I've heard and seen from Nashville since All Them Witches. Favorite track: Slow Ride.
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    Supermelt has been working on this record since early 2014 and is finally ready for your ears!! We are so pleased to be finished and sending it out into the world, and quite sincerely hope you choose to enjoy this project from the beginning until the end, and as many times as your mind can stand it. So download it for free, share it with your friends, and come check us out in our fair Nashville.
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The Way Home 02:40
Darkness rising all around, nothing is making a sound, I've got to find my way home. Nothing is everything, it all seems the same to me, I've got to find my way home. I have wasted this life, never made a sacrifice, I've got to find my way back home.
Be My 05:15
Lady you and me we've got something no one should ever see, but I'll find the right time. When you've got it you've got it, and when you've got it to a 't' i'm longing to find the right time. You can be my. You can see my. Take it baby, please it or lay, just stay long enough to find that piece of mine. You can be my. You can see my.
Nobody Else 02:18
You will never be the one, you will always come undone. This is just the price you pay to be born this way. Forget all your plans that have turned into sand, forget the ways to find yourself, there is nobody else.
Unknown 07:31
If it were just out where you could see whether or not Unity comes from a throne or something unknown. Alone at night, wanting to hold something tight. Is there something at the end of the rope? Are you really all alone? I'll never know until my world comes to a close. Desperate you cry to him of how you love him. Never feeling more secure. Floating off the shore. I'll never know until my world comes to a close. What sweet release. It's so hard to believe in what I see, how can I believe in what I can't see. I just don't know what isn't shown, I'll never know what isn't show.
Lobo Niño 02:42
Hello chica I need you for something. I'm leaving right now and I need a companion. I'll show you things you've never seen. Como se dise 'you know what I mean' Me llano Lobo Niño now that I'm out I'm ready to go. Vamanos Mujere necessity impoco. I'm needing something to make me go loco. Come on now let me feel your fondness. Yo quiero ir a las montañas. Yo ten go una boca muy peligrosa & I don't need a reason to come looking for ya. Quiero escuchar las palabras que si. Como se rise 'you're coming with me'
Slow Ride 07:00
Don't you want to. Don't you want. Don't you want to go for a ride. Slow Ride.
Nirvana 07:29
Darkness rises all around and your mind rises from the ground. How will you know whats up or down? Or how to get home? In this place you'll find a way to every life, to every day. Don't be afraid, you'll fin dyour way. Someway. Someday. Nirvana, searching for a way to see every leaf on the tree. Falling through eternity and everything can be. There is so much to you and me. Bring me home. When I finally find a way through these walls


released June 18, 2015


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Supermelt Nashville, Tennessee

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